Foreclosure: The Effect On Banks And Lenders

When foreclosure becomes necessary, credit unions, banks and mortgage lenders face financial strain of administrative and collection costs, property and other taxes, lost profits, and more.

At Mitchell Pollack & Associates PLLC, we represent lenders in a variety of matters involving foreclosure. If you are a bank or mortgage lender in New York or New Jersey, we can help you with the following:

  • Ensuring compliance with federal debt collection laws to protect you from liability
  • Handling property and other tax issues
  • Advising on the legal obligations to borrowers/tenants
  • Negotiating with borrowers
  • Providing information on short sales/sheriff's sales

Our lawyers have advised business and professional clients in a range of business and real estate law matters for over 25 years. With extensive litigation experience, we are confident in our ability to aggressively represent your interests in or out of court.

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