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September 2019 Archives

Network and former talk show host faces employee rights lawsuit

As the number of employees and former employees in New York who claim to have experienced sexual harassment and other employee rights violations increases, prominent people and employers are becoming more likely to be accused of misbehavior. This is part of the growing trend of people who were previously reluctant to come forward now feeling emboldened to do so and filing lawsuits seeking compensation for wrongdoing. When sexual harassment or other illegalities occur at work, those who are affected should think about their rights and understand that time might be of the essence to file a claim. Consulting with a qualified employment firm may prove beneficial when dealing with these circumstances.

Making an anti-harassment policy to protect employer and employee

Employers across the country, including here in New York, must do what they can to provide a safe workplace for all employees. This applies not only to any job hazards, but also to the treatment of workers. The workplace should be free from discrimination, retaliation and harassment.

Soon, New York workplaces must have sexual harassment training

In New York and throughout the United States, sexual harassment in the workplace is increasingly being reported and addressed. After many years of employers and employees being at odds over this behavior, the rise of the #MeToo movement brought new focus on the problem. With that, lawmakers sought to take steps to ensure that workplaces were properly prepared to deal with the issue. Still, with allegations of employment law violations, the circumstances are rarely clear cut. Each side will have a perspective on what might or might not have occurred, and it can be difficult to sort through. When there is an allegation of sexual harassment, much of the focus will be on the alleged victim, but the employer should also be prepared to lodge a defense.

Allegations of employment law violations spark Chipotle lawsuit

One of the biggest concerns for New York employers is navigating and adhering to labor laws. This can impact businesses small, medium and large. If there are alleged violations of employment law, lawsuits can be filed. Although employees often pursue these lawsuits in their individual capacity, sometimes the city or state can step in to take legal action against a business that they believe has violated labor laws.

World famous chef and restauranteur faces wage claim

Workers in the New York service industry will laud certain benefits of the job. It can provide them with a steady income, flexible hours, and the freedom for other pursuits. Still, there are certain aspects that bartenders, wait staff, and others in the restaurant trade will feel negatively about. They are often confronted with various forms of illegality and mistreatment. That can include harassment, failure to pay full wages, and other forms of abuse. When there is a workplace violation, these workers can be intimidated from coming forward as they feel they cannot afford to lose their job. This is a mistake, and consulting with an employment law firm is imperative to ensure an individual is being fully protected, as evidenced by one recent case.

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