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Intellectual property dispute over comics icon leads to lawsuit

Business litigation in New York and across the United States often stems from an intellectual property dispute. Because certain ideas and creations can have immense value, there are frequently disagreements as to who owns certain properties and how they can be used. When a person who created a creative work is seemingly taken advantage of, the matter can be even more complex if the creator has since passed away To address this complicated aspect of business litigation, it is wise to have legal advice from the beginning, as may be evidenced by one recent case.

Alleged lies about illness sparks breach of contract dispute

Business disputes in New York can emanate over contractual language and attempts to breach agreements. While in many employer-employee disagreements there is a reactive belief that the employer is always in the wrong, that is not always the case. In fact, employees will frequently violate a contract due to misbehavior, malfeasance or outright lying.

Famous entertainer and businessman sues over alleged fraud

Creating a lucrative and successful business is the dream of many New York entrepreneurs. To have a brand that is prominent, popular and global is a noteworthy goal. And, it is hoped that through hard work, this goal will be achieved. There are, however, problems that arise even when a business is successful. If other companies do not adhere to contracts, commit fraud or there are other behaviors that are cause for commercial disputes, it could lead to litigation.

Unfair competition alleged in legal battle of fertility clinics

Disputes can arise in any category of business in New York. Since there are so many kinds of businesses serving any need that New Yorkers have, there is fertile ground for allegations of unfair competition, accusations of intellectual property theft, and more. Regardless of the type of work a person does, it is difficult enough to start a business without worrying about another startup trying to piggyback or outright steal what was created. What makes this even more painful is if it was someone who once worked with the original business. When these issues arise, it is imperative to have legal advice from a qualified business law firm.

What is unfair competition?

The success of a business is often reliant on the name the business has built for itself. It might take time, but a company's brand is what keeps a business going and helps with the retention of consumers. So, when another company essentially steals certain components from a business and that business is harmed because of it, this could cause a commercial dispute due to unfair competition.

What are ERISA bonds and how do they protect employee benefits?

When an employer hires employees, an employee will take the time to fully understand the benefits that come with their new position. This often means looking at specific benefits that provide funds for their future and their retirement. Take for example an ERISA qualified pension plan. This plan is devised to benefit employees; however, these funds could be compromised if theft or other crimes occur in the workplace.

Taking action when a patent is infringed

When owning and operating a business, there are many precautions to take into consideration. With regards to intellectual property, companies will take steps to help provide protection. A patent can offer protection; however, it is not a complete safeguard against infringement. Thus, when a patent holder believes that their patent is threatened, it is important to consider the steps available to them to address this issue or when there has been an actual infringement.

Elements and remedies for a breach of fiduciary duty

When a business relationship is formed or an individual is entrusted responsibilities in a company, there are certain duties that must be upheld. Failing to uphold these duties does not only harm the relationship but it also likely causes harms to those owed these duties.

Using arbitration to settle tech company disputes

When you start a company, you likely do not think about the downsides or struggles you might face if things do not go right. For most companies, relationships with other businesses are vital. This means taking the time to work out deals, negotiate terms and memorialize this agreement in writing. While this helps to ensure that these terms are followed and continually met, this does not mean breaches cannot happen. When a dispute arises, businesses need to determine the best route to resolve them. For some, this means going through arbitration.

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