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When individuals in New York are interviewed, hired or terminated at a workplace, they believe that these employment decisions are based on their qualifications, experiences and work performance. However, in some unfortunate situations, employees can experience employment decisions that are not based on their qualities but rather characteristic traits that are protected by civil rights laws. Workplace discrimination could happen at any phase of employment, and it is important for employees to note that this is not legal and remedies are available to them.

What is gender discrimination?

As a previous post noted, female workers in New York and other states unfortunately experience pregnancy discrimination. This type of discrimination is a form of gender discrimination, and if it persists in the workplace, it presents problems in the work environment and gives an injured employee the opportunity to file a cause of action for damages experienced.

Pregnancy discrimination and the laws that protect pregnant women

Finding out you are pregnant is typically an exciting and joyous time for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Sharing this news with close family members is a thrilling event; however, sharing the news with an employer and co-workers could result in mixed emotions.

What can workplace discrimination look like?

While employees in New York are supposed to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment, this unfortunately is not always the case. Employees are afforded certain rights, but sometimes these rights could be violated. One such occurrence in a hostile workplace is employment discrimination.

How does race discrimination differ from color discrimination?

Residents of New York, whether they work in a factory, at a construction site or in an office, deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace. The law recognizes this and makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against a worker based on that worker's race or color. However, there is a difference between discrimination based on a person's race and discrimination based on a person's color.

Employees of airport contractor report workplace discrimination

Part of what makes New York so special is the diversity of its population. Most of the time, people of different religions in New York are able to work together respectfully and without incident. However, there are times when religious discrimination in the workplace allegedly occurs.

U.S. Dept. of Labor sues Oracle for wage, race discrimination

On January 18, 2017, it was announced that the United States Department of Labor filed a suit against Oracle America Inc, a unit of Oracle Corp. claiming that the company unlawfully and systematically paid white male employees higher rates over their non-white co-workers and favored Asian applicants when seeking new employment.

Transgender employee wins lawsuit against company

Last year, reality television star and former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner made his transformation official to a transwoman, changing his name to Caitlyn Jenner. Her transformation shed an international spotlight on the plight and rights of transgender individuals in the United States and throughout the world. As Americans, politicians and the courts on local, state and federal levels adapt new policies to protect the rights of transgender people, employers throughout the world are also working to include transgender employees.

Don't let workplace discrimination ruin your life

Over the last few years, we have seen gay rights gather much traction, including the right for gay couples to legally marry throughout the United States. At the same time, however, we have also seen many instances of violence against minorities, to the extent that a group, Black Lives Matters, formed to address the various issues of discrimination against the black population. And, with turmoil in the Middle East and the constant threat of terrorist attacks in the United States, there have been multiple issues of violence and threats against the Muslim population in the U.S.

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