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What are employee rights for a meal breaks in New York?

Some of the most basic aspects of employee rights are often unknown to workers. There could be many reasons for this from not understanding the law or pressure from the employer. Regardless, workers should be aware of such issues as their time allowed for meals and take legal steps, if these are not adhered to or they face wrongful termination because they asserted their rights.

Employee rights to wages for tipped workers

Many people in New York State work at jobs with much of the income based on tips. These individuals might not fully understand that they still have certain employee rights within the context of their tipped incomes. For example, there is supposed to be a basic hourly wage rate that is contingent on how much they make in tips. In addition, these workers are supposed to receive overtime. When violations are being perpetrated against tipped workers, they must realize that they have the right to be compensated in a legal filing.

Do my employee rights allow for paid family leave?

In New York State and across the U.S., the concept of paid family leave is drawing renewed attention as part of the basic employee rights they are accorded. Many people are totally unaware that they might have the ability to take paid family leave. Some, if they try to do so, find themselves threatened with job loss or are fired outright. Knowing the basic rules for eligibility to have paid family leave is essential to being granted the right to take it without discrimination or fear of job loss.

Helping you protect your employee rights

Whether you just started a new job or have been with the same employer for years or even decades, it can be difficult to ascertain what rights are afforded to employees and what protections they actually have. This can make it rather challenging when an employee finds himself or herself in a dispute with an employer or a co-worker.

Being aware of your employee rights

Whether it is your first job or not, every time individuals in New York or elsewhere are hired, they are afforded certain rights in the workplace. These rights not only help create a safe work environment but also invoke specific rights for each individual employee. If these rights are not afforded or protected in the work environment, an employee might have legal recourses.

New York and 18 other states raise minimum wage in 2017

Hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the United States are getting raises in 2017 as 19 states, including New York, raise the minimum wage for workers. This comes as a great relief for many workers, many of whom rely on their income, which for years has been argued as not being a sufficient "livable wage."

Former NFL players suffering brain injuries win settlement

In a previous post here, we talked about the importance of workplace safety and a settlement battle between retired National Football League players suffering from severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, well into their retirement. 31 retired players won the class action lawsuit and are expected to receive $4 million dollars each.

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