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Are you an employee?

From freelance writers to web designers to podcast editors and social media consultants, the internet has given rise to a great decentralization of employment. However, just because you aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean you aren’t an employee.

The line between sexual harassment and flirting is not that fine.

Flirting in the workplace is a hot topic right now. As the pendulum swings from the abusive sexist environments from decades past, many fear that it might swing too far the other way. The most echoed statement when the topic comes up is "Where is the line now?"

What Can Be Done About On-The-Job Car Accidents?

It is not uncommon for workers to be required to drive as part of their job. Whether driving is a small portion of the job – such as a quick task to pick up parts from the distribution center – or it is the entirety of the job – such as a delivery driver – being in a vehicle comes with significant risks.

Applicants Who Exclude Their Own Resumes From Consideration

In a recent blog, we have discussed the notion of culture fit and the increased perception that hiring for similar personalities and like demographics has become a double-edged sword. It is not an uncommon belief that culture fit has become a thinly-veiled excuse for ageism with hiring managers actively working to dispel this notion. There are other dangers, though, that applicants face from the very outset.

The Demise Of “Culture Fit.”

Largely coinciding with the tech boom in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, companies began searching for terms to define their hiring needs in fun, creative ways. Ads started listing personality traits alongside education and experience. Prospective workers were described as fun or hip or energetic. They were “digital natives” and “tech savvy.” Soon, all of these traits began to merge into what companies would define as their culture.

5 Things To Consider Before Signing A Severance Agreement

A severance agreement is a document that specifies certain terms and conditions for a leaving employee. It is in the best interests of both parties to ensure this document is clear, well-written and decisive. Before signing the agreement, however, there are a few things that an employee should pay specific attention to.

3 Common Employee Handbook Mistakes

From a small family business to a multi-national company, all organizations will require some level of employee handbook. This series of documents can typically be as detailed or general as leadership believes is necessary. It is important to remember, however, that a comprehensive, well-written employee handbook can prevent future disputes and legal battles.

Are you prepared to address employee complaints?

Workplaces are complicated. They involve a number of individuals with diverse beliefs, backgrounds and ideas on how to handle situations. Regardless of your company’s best efforts to foster a positive environment, issues will arise. As an employer, expect to receive employee complaints at some point.

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