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Alternative way to settle employment disputes

New York employees know that not all jobs run smoothly. When employees face employment disputes, they often think of filing a lawsuit against their employers. Readers need to understand that taking the case to court is not the only solution to their problem. There is an alternative way to settle employment disputes.

How can workers and employers avoid wage and hour disputes?

Employment disputes can be normal occurrences in a dynamic work area. However, they do not have to escalate into litigation. Wage-and-hour disputes are often the center of misunderstandings. However, if New York employers and employees are aware of their specific rights and responsibilities, the possibility of clashes regarding wages and other employment benefits can be significantly reduced.

What should New York workers know about employer retaliation?

New Yorkers are passionate about many things, including their sports teams and their civil rights, especially when these rights are violated in the workplace. It is not uncommon for a New York worker to voice concern when an employer is doing something that tramples on employee labor rights, such as filing a complaint against the violations. However, even if the problem is sorted out, some employers do not appreciate being forced to comply and in return subject their workers to retaliation. Workers should know their options if or when this kind of situation arises.

New York wage and hour dispute help

Wages and work hours are often a bone of contention in many employment law cases in New York, as well as in the rest of the country. However, wage-and-hour disputes can be avoided by both employers and employees, if they understand the relevant information about wage laws and when to communicate essential information to each other.

Handling employment disputes effectively and efficiently

Disputes in the workplace can be healthy at times, depending on their nature. If disagreements are due to a healthy exchange of ideas, then it can be acceptable, and even welcome. Such exchanges mean that the workplace is dynamic and everyone's voice is given sufficient merit. If the dispute's nature is damaging, however, like discrimination, defamation and troubles with employment benefits, then employment law issues may be implicated. Our Westchester County, New York-based law firm provides experienced and reliable professionals to shed light on employment disputes.

New York hospital nurses protest staffing conditions

In addition to wages and benefits, employers should also provide workers with appropriate working conditions. Good working conditions help workers be more productive. They can also ensure that employees are happy and well adjusted so that their performance is up to par. This is basically what nurses from a New York hospital are saying, after complaining that staffing levels in their hospital are unsafe. The hospital, however, does not seem to be taking their concerns very seriously.

Strike averted when LIRR comes to terms with rail workers

Commuter trains are commonly used in major American cities, but probably nowhere are they more essential to moving large numbers of workers and employees to and from their workplaces as in New York City. Commuter trains are both economical and essential for anyone who wants to avoid the hassles of driving in a crowded city. So when a potential strike looms because a rail line's management and the union workers who run the railway cannot reach agreement, commuters become extremely anxious.

New York workers who supported union lose their jobs

Labor unions give employees the chance to have a voice and an opportunity to provide a united front when addressing labor and civil rights of workers. Employees have the right to choose whether they wish to form or join a union. However, some employers scoff at workers who support a union and sometimes go to great lengths, including using questionable means, to show their displeasure. Two New York bookstore workers claim that their employer did the unthinkable after learning they had cast a vote in an election to decide on unionization.

CEO can be liable for failing to pay employees overtime

In general, employees in New York are satisfied with how their employers handle their pay, particularly if the wages are appropriate to the jobs and benefits are reasonable. In cases of alleged underpayment, however, employees are often willing to take their employers to court, especially if underpayment is chronic and widespread.

McDonald's New York franchise owner settles employee dispute

Westchester County, New York, residents are well aware of the popularity of McDonald's. Management of the largest fast-food restaurant has stated that the best people in the world work at McDonalds, as employees serve nearly 70 million people per day. Despite that praise, employees at some New York City locations were unhappy about its labor practices.

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