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Boy Scouts of America in legal battle with the state of New York

The Boy Scouts of America has recently come under fire after the New York attorney general's office opened an inquiry as to whether the group discriminated against gays in their hiring practices. The inquiry stems from a national board ruling which excludes gay Boy Scout leaders 18 years of age or older. Previously, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Boy Scouts have a constitutional right to exclude gays.

Understanding your rights as an employee

Discrimination in the workplace can take on many forms. Some are easy to recognize, but others may not be immediately noticeable. Employment protection laws were created during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's to protect employees from workplace discrimination. Employees have the right to work in a safe, harassment-free environment that is free of discrimination.

What to do if you experience New York workplace discrimination?

Although the term workplace discrimination is a vague and broadly used terms, in the White Plains, New York, area and throughout the country, it covers many forms. If you feel you have been treated differently than fellow employees based on your gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, national origin, age, religious beliefs, political affiliations or other attributes about yourself, you likely have been a victim of employment discrimination.

Study finds that pregnant women face workplace discrimination

New York residents are probably familiar with federal and state laws regarding workplace discrimination based on age, race and gender. Such cases often appear in the news after a lawsuit is filed against an alleged abusive employer or co-worker. Aggrieved employees just want to provide financial support for themselves and their family and the last issue they want to face is to have work disrupted by discrimination related to performing their duties. A frequent form of workplace discrimination that is putting many women at economic risk is pregnancy discrimination.

Does an employment discrimination claim have a time limit?

New York seeks to legally provide equal opportunities for workers, despite differences in gender, race, religion, age and political beliefs. Regardless, some New York companies may not have the same goals. When employees encounter these exclusive policies and believe they are victims of employment discrimination, labor law and civil rights provide the opportunity to file a discrimination claim as soon as possible after experiencing discriminatory treatment.

Gender discrimination case could affect women across the country

Workplace discrimination can take many forms. Many New Yorkers are familiar with the obvious cases of racial and gender discrimination, but other forms of employment discrimination occur frequently, including against pregnant women. One recent case of alleged pregnancy discrimination could send ripples throughout the country's workplaces and determine how much protection the federal 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act and state laws offer women in today's workforce.

How do employees file discrimination complaints in New York?

The last half-century in particular has seen legislation at the federal and state levels outlawing discrimination in various places, including the workplace. However, some New York employers still subject their employees to employment discrimination, whether intentionally or unknowingly. In such instances, workers should not hesitate to air their grievances and demand that the discriminatory actions cease immediately.

Employment discrimination basics for New Yorkers

Most New Yorkers believe that discrimination in any form is unacceptable. Unfortunately, discrimination persists in many areas of American life. One of them is the workplace. Fortunately, both the federal and state governments have been addressing employment discrimination in the last few decades, allowing workers to stand up for themselves and to seek redress when they have been discriminated against on the job.

NYC Human Rights Law prohibits workplace discrimination

For many people, the idea of discrimination seems antiquated. Although the practice has no useful purpose in the workplace, let alone society, some people intentionally and unintentionally practice discrimination. However, New Yorkers now know that both state and some municipal laws prohibit employment discrimination and protect employees' rights as both workers and citizens.

High school teacher claims age discrimination, files lawsuit

Workplace discrimination is a serious affront to an employee's rights. And while gender and race discrimination are two of the most common forms of discrimination, White Plains, New York workers should realize that age discrimination is another form of discrimination. Sometimes a worker can receive negative treatment either because they are viewed as too old or too young. A 72-year-old high school teacher from a school in Queens, New York claims to have experienced this, and she alleges that she is being forced into retirement by the school that employs her.

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