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How can New Yorkers stop workplace sexual harassment?

Most workers in New York know that sexual harassment is a prohibited activity in the workplace. Still, even though sexual harassment has been interpreted to be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, harassment occurs year after year. Some victims of workplace harassment choose to endure it, often out of fear of retaliation or other economic consequences. Although rarely emotionally easy, sexual harassment can be stopped, if victims are willing to address it.

Making sure sexual harassment cases are handled with sensitivity

Many things have improved in terms of equality and gender sensitivity in the workplace, but there are still some illegal practices that fall through the cracks. Sexual harassment is one of them. Despite labor laws that prohibit sexual harassment and discrimination, some workers still feel that they are in a hostile workplace. Our New York law firm is more than willing to pursue justice on behalf of our clients.

Two hospital staffers charge boss with sexual harassment

In most professions, friendly office banter is usually a welcome way to reduce stress. However, lines can be blurred when banter borders on sexually suggestive comments and then quickly turns into sexual harassment if pornography and lewd comments enter the picture. Although this may seem extreme, in the case of two hospital staffers in New York, it was what they experienced from their boss.

Ex-intern claims sexual harassment, sues company for millions

Getting a job opportunity is a blessing to most people, especially if the job offer is an upgrade from a person's current employment. However, everything can change when the promising career has a caveat that requires doing sexual favors. This is a clear indication of sexual harassment, a situation that is not just morally wrong but has criminal implications. Recently, a New York intern was allegedly at the receiving end of workplace sexual harassment and she has filed a case against people who she claims are responsible.

Former employees sue country bar for sexual harassment and abuse

In society as a whole and in workplaces in particular, stereotyped gender roles are slowly becoming relics of the past. Women not only get more employment opportunities but also have more chances to develop careers. Unfortunately, some establishments seem to have trouble with the concepts of equality, tolerance and respect. According to former employees, a country bar in midtown Manhattan seems to be one of those establishments.

Unpaid interns in NYC protected from sexual harassment

Sexual harassment remains a problem in workplaces all across the United States, New York included. The behavior exacts an emotional toll on its victims. Although employed workers, both full- and part-time, are protected by law from sexual harassment in the workplace, unpaid interns have not been for decades.

Fighting sexual harassment in the franchise industry

Workplace sexual harassment is a serious issue in any type of business. However, in the past few years, a troubling trend of sexual harassment incidents have occurred in some of the country's more easily identifiable franchises. New York franchise employees and employers should pay close attention to this growing threat.

Woman sues employer over years-long sexual harassment

When people go to work they expect to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many of New York's workers. Recently, a 52-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer for sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

Strategies for dealing with sexual harassment at work

Claims of harassment and discrimination based on any of the legally protected classes are always present in the national news. A former celebrity chef recently battled claims of racial discrimination at one of her restaurants while the mayor of a large American city has been confronted by multiple women alleging sexual harassment. Harassment and discrimination happen right here in New York, and employers can take some important steps to help their employees from becoming victims of harassment.

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