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What should New Yorkers know about ERISA and retirement plans?

New York employees should be aware of their employee rights, particularly their right to an Employee Retirement Income Security Act and other retirement plans. Retirement plans assure that workers have something to look forward to when they finally hang up their boots and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Giving sound legal counsel when employee rights are compromised

New Yorkers work hard. Although most employers appreciate that hard work and value their employees, some do not. Some employers choose to ignore their employees' work and the rights their employees hold under the law. These workers are often shortchanged by being denied proper wages and benefits that are afforded to them by state and federal labor laws. When employee rights are compromised, this is when our Westchester County law firm steps in.

What is pregnancy discrimination in New York?

Despite the many challenges that pregnancy presents, pregnant workers still go about their lives and report to work on a daily basis. While many people, including New Yorkers, may find this commendable, some employers either frown on this practice or disallow it altogether, either through fear that it will lead to higher costs or out of some other bias. This, of course, is an affront to the employee rights of female workers. There is such a thing as pregnancy discrimination, which protects them from such treatment.

Employee rights under siege as wage theft cases increase

For many New Yorkers, receiving a well-deserved paycheck after working is nothing less than satisfying. However, that feeling can easily turn to confusion and eventually anger upon realizing that the salary one has received is insufficient. Unfortunately, a recent report indicates that the number of wage thefts is growing across the United States.

Comprehensive and up-to-date guidance for New York workers

Laws and labor practices in the United States, as well as in New York, are dynamic. There are times when employers and supervisors have a different understanding and interpretation of labor laws. This can results in misunderstandings, often leaving an employee holding the short end of the stick. When handling workplace concerns, it is best that New Yorkers are represented by a law firm that can offer its clients comprehensive, real-time guidance to assess and prevent possible labor risks and human resource issues. Our law firm takes pride in being that type of law firm.

Sandwich chain faces employment claims

Now with nearly 2,000 franchises across the country, including many in New York, Jimmy John's sandwich company has steadily grown over the last three decades. Many people know the chain for its boast that it delivers its sandwiches "freaky fast." According to two former employees, though, there is also something freaky in the way the company pays its employees.

New York judge grants unpaid interns status to advance case

Some employees from White Plains, New York, may be unpaid interns who work long hours for New York companies without the benefit of pay. However, interns have been banding together to fight for fair compensation and assert their employee rights.

Female employee allege rights violated by Sterling Jewelers

As most New Yorkers know, men and women are regarded as equal under the law when it comes to employee rights. This equality applies to wages and hours, workplace safety and even employment opportunities. For some female employees of Sterling Jewelers, a well-known jewelry retailer, this has not been the case according to a class-action lawsuit they recently filed against the retailing giant.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act seeks to protect employee rights

For several weeks, a 22-year-old pregnant employee was apprehensive every time she reported to work. After a previous miscarriage, she feared that the heavy lifting that her Bronx, New York, thrift shop job entailed posed a threat to her current pregnancy. However, she said she believed a note from her doctor outlining her physical restrictions would address her worries. Unfortunately, the note did not provide the desired outcome.

Stewart's Shops allegedly violated employee rights

Despite being one-third employee-owned, the convenience store chain Stewart's Shops is being sued by a group of unhappy employees. According to the class action lawsuit filed in Albany, the company violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to compensate thousands of workers for work they rendered.

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