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Guiding Employers Through Sexual Harassment Investigations And Trainings

Making sure your workplace is safe is of the utmost importance. From educating employees to dealing with claims, our firm has handled all areas of sexual harassment. Mitchell Pollack & Associates PLLC can provide you with the tools you need. We have helped companies with employment law concerns throughout both New York and New Jersey. We can help your company, too.

Sexual Harassment Education At Work Is A Necessity

Providing your employees with the information they need is imperative. By clearly laying out the boundaries, your employees know what is expected of them. It gives them the opportunity to learn the right way of doing things, with the expectation that they will be held to a proper standard. Our firm can help provide you with those tools, from creating an employee handbook to anti-harassment training.

While most employees have no problem following the rules, there are always people who don’t take this seriously. If someone isn’t behaving appropriately at work, you must hold them accountable. As an employer, you must investigate these claims. It’s normal to feel reluctant, but it is necessary. Our firm helps clients implement effective investigative methods. We make sure all investigations are thorough and fair to your employees.

Representing Our Clients Since 1989

If you have questions about sexual harassment training and investigations in the workplace, we can help. Our firm is here to help you create a healthy business environment. We have two convenient offices. Contact our office in Tarrytown or White Plains today at 914-610-3418 or fill out our contact form online.