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A Strong Response To Workplace Retaliation

At Mitchell Pollack & Associates PLLC, located in Mahwah, New Jersey, and Tarrytown, New York, we offer legal assistance to those who have suffered workplace retaliation after making a complaint or reporting illegal behavior. Our attorneys will pursue justice on your behalf if you were unfairly punished for standing up for yourself or reporting something improper.

What Does Retaliation Looks Like?

Workplace Retaliation is defined as any action taken against you by your employer after filing a formal complaint. You may have filed an employment discrimination or harassment claim, or reported other illegal activity. Wrongful termination is one form of illegal retaliation. Other prohibited retaliatory actions include:

  • Harassment or creation of a hostile work environment
  • Reduction of hours or reassignment
  • Demotion or refusal to promote
  • Unfounded negative performance reviews

Whether you live in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut, you are protected from workplace retaliation under state civil rights laws and qui tam laws. Other state and federal laws also protect you against discrimination for supporting an individual who reported these crimes.

Holding Employers Accountable Who Retaliate Against You

Were you fired, demoted or passed up for a promotion after you made a complaint of discrimination or reported illegal activity?

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