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ACLU and union workers engaged in employment dispute

| Aug 6, 2013 | Employment Disputes |

When any New Yorker is hired on to a job, they expect to get treated fairly — not just in how their co-workers and superiors interact with them, but also in how they are compensated. New York employees work hard to earn a reasonable income and decent benefits. When employers don’t treat their employees fairly, it can result in an employment dispute.

The American Civil Liberties Union is currently involved in a dispute with all of its unionized workers and other staff members. According to the employees, the ACLU is trying to do away with paid medical leave, asking employees to pay part of their health insurance premium, and attempting to find ways to hire more non-union workers.

Although leadership at the ACLU says economic conditions have prompted it to seek changes in how unionized workers are treated, the union is not buying it. They feel that the ACLU is trying to make it easier to terminate union workers while diminishing their workplace benefits.

Interestingly, many non-union workers are siding with the unionized workers. More than 60 non-union workers have signed a letter asking the ACLU’s leadership to maintain the workplace rights of unionized employees.

Although it seems that the union and the ACLU will be able to reach an agreement eventually, it is important for all New York employees to know that when an employer is making unfair changes that could harm workers, they can take action. By working with an employment law attorney, workers can learn how to handle their unique situation.


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