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KFC settles discrimination lawsuit for $40,000

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

A local franchisee for a well-known fast food chain has recently settled a case based on alleged religious discrimination for $40,000 after a woman in New Jersey sued her local employer for wrongful termination after she refused to wear pants.

The lawsuit was filed by an employee who had converted to Pentecostalism in 2010. The religion of the employee does not permit her to wear anything other than dresses at work. For this reason, the employee was fired for refusing to wear pants while on duty at her local KFC franchise. Her employer said the worker was fired for failing to follow the company’s dress code. Laurinburg KFC Take Home and Scottish Food Systems, the two local KFC franchises at issue, chose to settle the discrimination lawsuit for $40,000.

Whether based on race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation, workplace discrimination in New York is illegal. Nevertheless, some people who face employment discrimination choose to remain silent out of fear of retaliation if they report their situation to authorities or take legal action. Victims of workplace discrimination, however, need to understand that abuse will not stop unless they file a report or a legal complaint.

As far as religion is concerned, employees in New York need to understand that no one is allowed to challenge their adherence to the tenets of their faith. Anyone who has faced religious discrimination at work can file a lawsuit to ask for compensation.

In New York, a worker who faces workplace discrimination should consider speaking with an employment attorney to discuss his or her case. The attorney can determine if the worker’s allegations have a basis in fact and whether a valid claim can be raised. Finally, an attorney experienced in employment law can determine the appropriate awards and damages to request on behalf of the victim.

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