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Handling employment disputes effectively and efficiently

| Oct 22, 2014 | Employment Disputes |

Disputes in the workplace can be healthy at times, depending on their nature. If disagreements are due to a healthy exchange of ideas, then it can be acceptable, and even welcome. Such exchanges mean that the workplace is dynamic and everyone’s voice is given sufficient merit. If the dispute’s nature is damaging, however, like discrimination, defamation and troubles with employment benefits, then employment law issues may be implicated. Our Westchester County, New York-based law firm provides experienced and reliable professionals to shed light on employment disputes.

Our law firm’s client list and professional expertise is similar to that of large law firms. However, we treat our clients personally, just like a smaller firm. We understand that in employment litigation every bit of detail is important, so we work closely with our clients. Employment disputes can be complex and even emotional. Cases of discrimination, sexual harassment, contract disputes, wrongful termination and retaliation, as well as wage and benefits disputes, are not walks in the park, but our experienced and skilled lawyers can effectively and efficiently navigate their way through such cases.

We are also aware that cases can take an administrative route. This means claims can find their way to the Workers’ Compensation Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the state’s Division of Human Rights. Fortunately, our lawyers are familiar with the policies and procedures of these different administrative organizations. We also represent clients who wish to have a dialogue with labor unions.

As our New York employment litigation lawyers search to advance the interests of clients, we also make sure that their rights are upheld during the process. Since our law firm promotes the respect of rights, we also represent companies who are being sued by employees for seemingly fraudulent claims. Our website contains additional information regarding our employment and litigation services.