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Alternative way to settle employment disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Employment Disputes |


New York employees know that not all jobs run smoothly. When employees face employment disputes, they often think of filing a lawsuit against their employers. Readers need to understand that taking the case to court is not the only solution to their problem. There is an alternative way to settle employment disputes.

Nowadays, due to the federal courts’ many backlog cases, they often encourage employees who have filed lawsuits against their employers to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR is known for its cost-effective approach in dealing with legal issues including employment disputes. During in-house dispute resolution, both parties — the employer and the employee — can talk through their issues and settle the case out-of-court. An employee who has a dispute with a manager, for example, can talk directly to the manager and discuss work-related issues. ADR also allows employees who have issues with their employers to hold a conference with the company’s representative. Additionally, the American Arbitration Association can conduct mediation and act as neutral party in facilitating workplace issues. This alternative method has helped many individuals reach a settlement with their employers.

Employees facing workplace disputes should always weigh their options before pursuing them. By doing so, they can make the right decisions and avoid incurring huge legal costs along the way.

If employees choose in-house dispute resolution, they can still be represented by legal professionals. These professionals can guide employees during the process, ensuring that their rights are protected. They can also provide sound legal representation to plaintiffs who are more interested in going to court.

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