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Protecting your rights during an employment dispute

| May 18, 2017 | Employment Disputes |

Deputes can arise in different atmosphere and for different reasons. For some employees and employers in New York, these disputes could occur in the workplace. When companies are faced with employment litigation, it may be a difficult situation to address. Nonetheless, there are specific rights afforded to employees and mechanisms to protect employers. Thus, it is important to understand the facts and details of any claims asserted by an employee.

At Mitchell Pollack & associates, PLLC, our law firm is equipped with attorneys with a wide range of skills and experiences. Our lawyers have years of experience handling employment disputes based on discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, bias layoffs and wage-and-hour disputes.

When faced with such accusations, employers may not fully understand all the mechanisms and safeguards provided to them. This is where our law firm can step in, representing you and the best interests of the company as we further investigate the matter. Our objective is to exhaust all our resources in order to achieve the goals and needs of our clients. Whether that is through negotiations, arbitration, administrative proceedings or grievance proceedings, our attorneys are here to help every step of the way.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s employment dispute webpage. Employment law matters can be complex and messy; however, it is important that everyone involved understand how to resolve the matter. Companies and employers should be aware of the steps they can take to protect themselves when faced with such accusations of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.