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What is gender discrimination?

| Jun 6, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

As a previous post noted, female workers in New York and other states unfortunately experience pregnancy discrimination. This type of discrimination is a form of gender discrimination, and if it persists in the workplace, it presents problems in the work environment and gives an injured employee the opportunity to file a cause of action for damages experienced.

What is gender discrimination and what can employees do to protect their rights? Gender discrimination, or sex discrimination, occurs when an employee is treated differently due to his or her gender. This form of discrimination could impact an employee’s hiring or promotion.

Women have a long history of being victims of gender discrimination, and females could experience a wide range of unequal treatment in the workplace based on their sex. Whether it is pay disparity, discriminatory job standards, failure to promote, differences in working conditions or the failure to accommodate for pregnancy, a female worker could take steps to file an action to protect their rights and hold an employer accountable for the situation.

If an employer is responsible for of gender discrimination in the workplace then an employee could file an action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC administers and enforces civil right laws against workplace discrimination. This cause of action could help an employee hold a negligent or responsible party or parties accountable for the situation. It could also result in a compensation award for any damages suffered.

Those experiencing any form of workplace discrimination should understand the situation and what rights are afforded to them. While it is an uncomfortable matter, employees should take steps to assert and protect their rights.

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