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Unfair competition is bad for your business and we can help

| Nov 9, 2017 | Commercial Disputes |

It is not uncommon for a New York business owner to pour their soul into making their enterprise successful. Individuals often half-jokingly refer to their businesses as their children because of the amount of time and attention that they devote to them. Just as a business owner may celebrate the accomplishments and achievements that their entity obtains, they may also feel the stresses and strains of unfair competition when others attempt to derail the successes that their business has earned.

Last week, this blog discussed unfair competition in business and summarized the concept as actions that may be harmful to other entities or consumers. It can arise from broken contracts, shared trade secrets and a myriad of other deleterious actions. And, while an individual who engages in unfair competition and deceitful business practices may not care that their actions will hurt another entity, they should know that their victim may have rights to seek damages for the wrongs they have endured.

A host of civil claims exist to protect the rights of harmed businesses and to give them the opportunity to pursue their damages in court. Unfair competition stands in the face of the laws of New York and should not go unchecked.

The law firm of Mitchell Pollack & Associates wants your business to succeed. If outside forces have engaged in damaging actions that have caused your enterprise to lose money or otherwise suffer, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable attorneys and supportive staff are prepared to help you right the wrongs your business has suffered and help you secure the compensation you need to get moving back in the right direction.