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Guiding you through corporate governance issues

| Mar 9, 2018 | Commercial Disputes |

There are a lot of people who function to ensure a company is run and operates efficiently. While officers, directors and shareholders are what make a corporation a corporation; this does not means there aren’t any issues with or among these individuals. Corporate governance is essential, and if a dispute arises, it is important to take steps to resolve them to ensure this dispute does not impact the overall function of the corporation.

No matter how prepared an individual is to start or join in as a director or officer of a corporation, this does not mean he or she is clear on all of their rights and responsibilities. Corporate governance is necessary; however, it is often the cause of commercial disputes. In order to reduce the impact these disputes have on a corporation in New York and elsewhere, it is important to take steps to protect your rights and the interests of the corporation.

At Mitchell Pollack & Associates, PLLC, our law firm has years of experience helping corporations through any legal issue they might encounter. Our attorneys provide reliable advice whether it is dealing with routine matters or advocating for the corporation through a major dispute. When ethical issues are at issue, we are able to address these difficult situations, helping our clients avoid sometimes serious legal consequences.

Whether it is something that you overlooked, duties were breached by an officer, guidance is needed in a routine matter or help is needed amending bylaws and shareholder agreements, our skilled and knowledgeable law firm can help you in a wide variety of business matters. To learn more, check out our law firm’s commercial dispute website. If you are dealing with a current dispute or are seeking to protect your corporation from future disputes, it is important to take legal action to better protect the mechanics of a corporation.