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Certain types of discrimination are still tolerated

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Employees are protected from various forms of discrimination under New York and federal laws. However, this doesn’t mean that employees won’t be treated differently than their colleagues based on their age or family situation. Those who are pregnant are entitled to reasonable accommodations just like anyone else who might have a temporary medical condition. While pregnant workers can be discriminated against by employers in any industry, it is most likely to occur in the financial sector.

Furthermore, this type of discrimination can occur regardless of a person’s skin color or socioeconomic standing. Those who care for family members may find that they aren’t considered for promotions or raises. It is also possible that they will be seen as lazy or unproductive because they have to take time off to care for a newborn child or for an elderly parent. The United States does not have a paid leave system, and there is no guarantee that an employer will give an employee time to bond with a baby or take other steps to be there for their loved ones.

One survey found that two out of three respondents age 45 or older had been a victim of age discrimination. Typically, older workers remain in the workforce because they cannot afford to retire, but they may also remain in the workforce because they still enjoy working. As the number of workers 65 and older continues to increase, the problem of age discrimination is expected to linger.

An attorney may be able to help anyone who has been discriminated against at work hold their employers accountable for their actions. If an employment law claim is successful, it may be possible to obtain back pay or other financial compensation. Cases may be resolved through a negotiated settlement or at trial.