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Teen plans work discrimination legal filing against restaurant

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

The current environment in which workers are emboldened to complain about mistreatment has largely been a positive for them. Still, despite employment issues receiving greater attention in New York and throughout the United States, work discrimination continues to occur. One case in which a teen was subjected to racial discrimination from coworkers and a customer has led to a planned lawsuit.

A teen who worked as a hostess at the Olive Garden in Indiana alleges she was harassed and discriminated against because she is black. In February, a customer in the restaurant requested that the 16-year-old not wait on her because of her race. The restaurant manager complied with the request and had another worker take care of the customer. When the hostess complained about being discriminated against, she was subjected to retaliation and harassment by other employees and superiors.

After she informed superiors about what was happening, Olive Garden is accused of doing nothing to intervene. She decided to quit when she heard a coworker make negative comments about black people in general and her personally. The manager who approved the change from the teen to another server is no longer an employee at the company.

Other customers at the location stated that customers regularly refuse servers based on race. The teen’s legal representatives are planning a lawsuit. As this story gains attention, members of the community have rallied around her. The store that sold her a prom dress offered her a job. High-profile employment cases might shed light on the plight of many workers, but when work discrimination and other types of mistreatment happen, it is important to have legal advice. A law firm experienced in employment law might be able to help.