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Perceived pregnancy discrimination can lead to lasting effects

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Pregnancy is usually a wonderful time for expectant parents as they excitedly prepare for their babies’ arrivals. With full support, mothers have a better chance of delivering healthy children and protecting their own health. When mothers are the victims of pregnancy discrimination in New York, however, things can go south quickly.

Perceived pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can be very harmful to expectant mothers. While this type of discrimination is illegal, many women are victims of it. These women may be made to feel guilty about not carrying their weight at work, or they may be made to feel that their jobs are no longer guaranteed. When women feel this level of stress, they often end up suffering physical, mental and emotional side effects.

A Baylor University study that was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology noted that pregnancy discrimination is still a major issue for many women even though the practice is illegal. The effects on both a mother’s and her baby’s health can be devastating.

Women who experience perceived pregnancy discrimination often suffer extreme psychological effects. These women feel extreme stress, but they feel the need to continue to work. They then put their own health and the health of their unborn children at risk. Expecting mothers are often knocked down to less favorable positions at their jobs, and they are sometimes the victims of mockery and jokes from their coworkers and/or supervisors.

Tens of thousands of pregnancy discrimination claims have been filed with the Equal Opportunity Opportunity Commission over the last decade. Companies that want to avoid these types of issues would benefit from providing their pregnant employees with the supports they need to do their jobs. They would also do well to shut down any type of harassment.

Women who are victims of perceived pregnancy discrimination may find it helpful to work a lawyer with experience in employment law. Workplace discrimination can sometimes be challenging to prove, but an attorney could help a victim gather the necessary evidence.