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The factors involved in land use and zoning

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Commercial Disputes |

If you are a New York land developer with plans for a particular parcel of land, conforming to zoning and land use regulations is critical for project approval. Proposals that do not meet the requirements and restrictions for the zone or fit the vision of long-term development in Westchester can hinder your plan’s progress. We often work with clients in understanding zoning requirements and obtaining variances.

According to the World Bank, zoning allows for the regulation and control of property and land markets. This helps slow down or stimulate development in particular areas, as needed.

Westchester 2025

Each of the municipalities in Westchester County has the responsibility for planning growth within its borders while being respectful of the global economy. The Department of Planning launched the Web-based Westchester 2020 format shows the planning policies throughout the area. It details the plans for shaping community capabilities and infrastructure, including the following:

  • GIS technology
  • Wider bandwidths
  • Sewers
  • Trains
  • Roads

The goal is ensuring the preservation of Westchester’s natural resources while actively planning for growth.

Planning board considerations

The are several factors the planning board considers when setting policies and strategies for growth including the way the economic trends of New York city shape the surrounding area. As population numbers surge, elements such as reverse commuting, affordable housing, public safety requirements and energy needs become integrated into the community plan. If your project fits the anticipated needs of the area, getting approval becomes more likely.

Never developed parcels are becoming increasingly rare. Land use restrictions protect those areas and ensure they become interspersed with small commercial centers, the surrounding lakes and the more densely populated neighborhoods. The county planners expect a transition of waterfront parcels along Long Island Sound and the Hudson River from industrial use to commercial, recreational and residential.

Land use and zoning issues are often complex. An attorney experienced in municipal matters can help clients understand their options and help resolve disputes.