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Be prepared for possible flooding

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Commercial Disputes |

Flood Safety Awareness Week was recently observed across the nation and residents are impelled to do everything possible to prepare for a flooding event, which can easily impact their homes and the surrounding area in which they live. Across the United States, this is the time of year when flooding is common and the effects of a flood can be devastating.

Many people think that flooding in only a threat in coastal and low areas of land. Although those areas are often affected, other areas are also vulnerable to flooding and people who reside there are should take every precaution to be as safe as possible and to protect what is theirs. Being proactive and putting certain things into place in advance may save them a great deal of trouble and heartache later on. If a flooding event does occur, some proactive preparation may lead to their recovering more quickly than they would otherwise.

NWS reports that flooding is a daily occurrence

The National Weather Service reports that flooding occurs almost every day somewhere in the United States. Interestingly, people do not necessarily think of flooding as an extreme threat but it should not be underestimated or discounted. Almost 90 deaths occur annually due to flooding. Also, flooding causes extensive property damage, with over $8 billion occurring annually.

Westchester County has had its share of severe damage from flooding. For example, there was a great deal of damage caused in the last few years throughout the county and a number of people lost their lives because of flash flooding. However, there are some things that a person can do to prepare for a potential flood, such as staying informed, having a plan in advance, collecting nonperishable food and other useful supplies in advance, and becoming well acquainted with insurance-related information.

Valuable legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney

If you have experienced a flood and have an insurance dispute, the solid advice of a knowledgeable Westchester attorney may make a great deal of difference to your case. Your rights should always be protected and a lawyer can acquaint you with your rights and help you to navigate the process successfully.