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Creating an inclusive workplace for employees

On Behalf of | May 17, 2024 | Workplace Discrimination |

Companies in New York and throughout the country are constantly working to build and cultivate an inclusive workplace. It creates a positive and healthy atmosphere that makes employees feel appreciated, included and motivated to express their individuality.

Apart from ensuring that employee morale remains high, this approach may also help prevent lawsuits that could damage a company’s reputation. Businesses are wise to make it clear that they will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. One helpful step to achieve this goal is to ensure all employees receive training to learn more about what discrimination looks like and how to prevent it.

The importance of an inclusive workplace

An inclusive workplace makes employees feel respected and valued. It also acknowledges their differences and how these traits contribute to the company’s diversity, culture and business outcomes. This can create an environment where work feel less like work, thus increasing productivity. It also encourages workers to speak up and contribute their ideas because they are more likely to feel seen and heard. This can also increase the likelihood of collaboration.

How to build an inclusive workplace

Creating an inclusive workplace means acknowledging that employees have diverse cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and practice different traditions. Accepting these differences and celebrating them is a huge step in the right direction.

Some steps your company can take in fostering inclusivity may include:

  • set zero-tolerance policies against discrimination and harassment.
  • You may also urge employees to speak up or report any situations where they or anybody in the workplace do not feel included or welcomed by others.
  • During parties or gatherings involving food, considering their dietary restrictions due to their religion or physical condition prevents anyone from feeling excluded.
  • Increasing accessibility of your facilities can help employees with disabilities navigate their way around the workplace easily.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace can help to increase employee confidence and self-esteem. This can create a sense of trust in their employer which may even lead to stronger work performance.