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Ex-employees file an employment claim, alleging sexual harassment

| Oct 17, 2013 | Employee Rights |


Workers in White Plains, New York are confident about the employment laws implemented in the state. Employment laws prohibit unfair practices such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime and other benefits. They also protect employees from employers who discriminate after the employee files a workers’ compensation claim. A violation of employee rights can subject an employer to costly fines, which will serve as a lesson to those who continue to exploit their workers. An employee may also seek legal action to recover damages based on their incurred losses.

In Central Islip, New York, four former employees of a renowned women’s networking group filed a lawsuit against their former manager. The lawsuit alleges that the female manager often grabbed and pinched their buttocks. Aside from inappropriate touching, the manager was also accused of calling the plaintiffs vulgar names. The women filed a complaint because of the inappropriate behavior; however, they faced retaliation and were terminated or forced to resign.

Another lawsuit was filed by a former employee. Based on the lawsuit, the former employee experienced the same behavior at the hands of the manager-sexual harassment.

The networking group asserted that the five plaintiffs were terminated based on their performance and violations of the company’s policies and procedures.

The plaintiffs will have to wait for the court’s decision regarding their case. In order to strengthen their claims, they will need to provide sufficient evidence to support their allegations against the defendant. One thing that could help their case is obtaining the assistance of a legal professional. The legal professional can help analyze the claim and can represent the plaintiffs in court. The legal professional can also determine the losses of the victim, which can be compensated.

An employee whose rights have been violated may consult a legal professional to validate his or her claims. After that, the employee may exercise his or her rights and may wish to sue the employer to recover compensation.

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