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Employee rights protect workers from religious discrimination

| Dec 19, 2013 | Employee Rights |

The platform of employment law is built to protect workers from exploitation and all forms of discrimination or workplace bias, enabling the employees to become productive and successful in their endeavors. Here in White Plains, New York employees need to know that they can report any incidents or workplace issues that make them feel uncomfortable. Workers can also take advantage of the law if they are facing retaliation for being a whistleblower or being denied benefits or overtime pay.

Employment law protects workers from workplace discrimination on the basis of their religion. Latest national survey shows that faith at work can result in religious discrimination. About one-third of US employees stated that they have been subject of religious bias inside the workplace. Evangelical Christians are more likely to open their faith at work, which create sensitivities in both the worker and the employer.

The survey also shows that 59 percent of Evangelical Christians feel that they are prone to discrimination. The same is true for religious minorities such as Jews and Muslims. The survey added that gay people, Muslims and other minorities often face workplace discrimination. Fifty-five percent of atheists also claim they are being discriminated for their beliefs.

Employers need to promote diversity in the workplace by being accommodating to the different beliefs of their workers. Discriminating a worker or a co-worker because of his or her religious beliefs creates a hostile environment. The golden rule is to respect each other’s beliefs.

Here in New York, workers who have experienced religious discrimination may file a lawsuit against the abuser, whether it is an employer or co-worker. By doing so, the victim may be compensated for his or her losses. Filing a legal complaint will also inspire others who continue to face workplace discrimination that there is an option to stop the abuse.

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