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New York building workers complain against Stellar Management

| May 9, 2014 | Employee Rights |

Professionalism, respect and ethical treatment are important components of good workplace management. White Plains, New York, employers are expected to build good relationships with employees by offering fair treatment, respect for a good day’s work and providing a healthy and harassment-free workplace. However, employees of one reputable New York management company are saying otherwise.

Stellar Management is facing controversial accusations from workers who allege unfair labor practices at one property violated employment law. According to the report, laborers at a 23-story apartment complex on the Upper West Side claimed that Stellar wants to replace them with non-union workers whose hourly pay rate is much less than union employees, in order to reduce operating costs.

Management also reportedly harassed long-term workers with threats of termination. A building worker for a dozen years said that he was unfairly terminated two years ago after Stellar took over the apartment complex. He said that when the management company purchased the building, employees were immediately threatened with termination if they could not get their jobs done, which is a fair expectation of any employer.

The building union filed a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board which, after reviewing the complaints, did not find enough evidence for action. Employees’ complaints also addressed delay in receiving overtime pay and special treatment for workers related to management.

The basic rights of New York employees include freedom from discrimination, fair compensation and right to privacy. Employers are obligated to provide benefits to full-time employees and must not retaliate against or discriminate against workers under employment law. Any unfair labor practices against employees may result in serious legal problems for management. Employers who need help addressing disgruntled employee claims can choose to exercise and protect their rights.

Source: New York Daily News, “Employees at Upper West Side building cry foul over workplace treatment,” Jan Ransom, April 23, 2014