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Protecting employee rights against employer abuses

| Feb 20, 2015 | Employee Rights |


Most New Yorkers understand that not every workplace is free of discrimination or sexual harassment and that some workers are not paid overtime, are denied benefits and are otherwise abused. Some workers who experience such workplace violations are afraid of retaliation, which is why they often do not complain or seek outside help. Unfortunately, unless someone steps forward, especially the person who is suffering mistreatment, workplace issues are likely to continue without any resolution in the worker’s favor.

Our law firm, Mitchell Pollack & Associates, PLLC, has helped many individuals exercise their employee rights to stop workplace abuse and mistreatment. In many cases, employees speak with us first to determine if they are likely to lose their jobs if they file lawsuits against abusive coworkers or employers. We let them know that they may in some cases be able to file such complaints, especially if the abuse creates a hostile work environment and affects their emotional well-being. The law protects workers from any type of retaliation such as being denied promotions, breaks or overtime pay if they file a complaint. If they experience any mistreatment, they can pursue the possibility of taking legal action against the employer and anyone else that has mistreated or abused them in the workplace.

Our focus is on protecting our clients’ best interests and holding the responsible parties liable for their abusive actions. If an employee loses his or her job after filing such a lawsuit, we may be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit on their behalf and seek compensation for lost wages and related expenses and sometimes punitive damages.

Anyone who is dealing with these issues should visit our law firm’s website. Doing so may help them better understand their rights and the potential they have for pursuing compensation.