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Do you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated?

| Mar 20, 2015 | Wrongful Termination |


Throughout the United States, including the White Plains, New York, area, there are cases where an employee feels he or she was wrongfully terminated from work. Unless you have a contract with your employer, most employment relationships are “at-will,” meaning that the employer may end the relationship at any time without reason or cause. But that does not mean that an employer can’t be held accountable for engaging in certain types of discrimination.


There are local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws in place to specifically protect employees from being improperly fired due to his or her age, sex, race, skin color, national origin, religious or political beliefs, disability or pregnancy. And, if you have a contract with your employer, and you are dismissed prematurely, they may be a breach of contract as well.

And the reasons do not end there. If you feel you’ve been fired due to refusal to work in unsafe conditions, or if you acted as a whistleblower, informing authorities of illegal activities within the company, your working rights are protected.

In addition, if you believe you’ve been terminated after taking allowed time off such as for military service or leaving to vote, you may be protected. You are also protected if your company is in violation of their own policies within their employee handbook.

If you believe you’ve been terminated from work, you may be entitled to damages including back pay, punitive damages, a reimbursement of attorney fees, or even reinstatement or a promotion. Seeking the guidance and support of a local law firm familiar with employment law may be very valuable in helping you with your claim.

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