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Nassau Coliseum employees receive pink slips; what’s next?

| Apr 24, 2015 | Employee Rights |


While the New York Islanders have been a beacon of sunlight for fans in and near Long Island as they work their way through the National Hockey League playoffs, a dark cloud looms overhead for many employees in the area. Over 40 full time, and 2,500 part time employees received termination letters this week, as the fate of the Nassau Coliseum remains uncertain in both the near and long term future.

While the Islanders success will keep the arena open longer than usual, it is expected that all layoffs will occur by July 31, when the contract expires between the management group and Nassau County. The building will remain closed while renovations are being made until 2016, but the status and use of the complex remains uncertain, as the Islanders are moving to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn beginning next season.

“We hope once the Coliseum reopens every employee has an opportunity to return to the newly renovated Coliseum,” the Nassau Coliseum general manager said, via email, although the operating plan for the complex is still uncertain, leaving workers in the dark for the foreseeable future.

While initiating with a massive layoff, employers will be dealing with many recently-fired employees seeking unemployment compensation. Employers may also have to deal with employee disputes; it is important to know and fully understand employment laws when dealing with terminated employees. If an employer feels overwhelmed or uncertain about existing employment laws, it may be wise to seek advice and information from a legal professional.

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