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We can help protect your rights as a New York worker

| Nov 23, 2017 | Employment Law for Employees |

Those individuals who hold down jobs often do so because they must earn incomes to support themselves and their families. They may have mortgages to pay, children’s educational costs to cover and a myriad of other expenses that come due each week, month or year. Without their jobs, their lives may become significantly more challenging and their financial obligations may go unmet.

While it is not uncommon for men and women to decide to leave their jobs on their own terms in order to pursue other opportunities, it is also unfortunately common for them to lose their jobs due to poor practices engaged in by their employers. Terminations based on harassment or retaliation can happen when workers speak up and call out wrongs committed in their places of employment.

If a worker is let go from their job because of their race, religion or inclusion in another protected class, then their termination is likely wrongful. If a worker loses out on a promotion or other work opportunity because of their gender or disability, then that denial of promotion is likely wrongful. Workers who experience harassment and hostile work environments that force them to leave their jobs in order to find relief may have been constructively terminated through illegal means.

Workers need their jobs to survive and when wrongful termination and other illegal employment practices threaten them, they deserve justice. Mitchell, Pollack & Associates represent employees who have suffered employment wrongs due to the bad and sometimes illegal practices of their employers. To consult with the firm to discuss an employment claim, readers may visit Mitchell, Pollack & Associates through its online portal.