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Are your HR policies ready for the New Year?

| Dec 28, 2017 | Employment Law for Employers |

Employees are the greatest asset that a business can acquire. Throughout New York, employers consistently look to find the most competent and successful individuals available to fill the positions that are open at their entities. When a new employee is hired, they are expected to agree to certain employment terms to maintain their employment and receive their pay.

However, an employee is not the only one in the work relationship that is expected to follow certain employment terms. An employee must understand what is expected of them not only in terms of their job duties but also the type of personal conduct that is mandated for individuals in their positions of employment. To this end, employers are expected to have sound employment policies in place that are both clear and fair for individuals who work under their instruction.

Generally, through a human resources or other similar department, an employer may establish the expectations and rules for the people who work for them. A human resources department may put into writing the policies and procedures that dictate how employee actions are reviewed and punished, how benefits and pay are determined and how a host of other employment-imperative topics will be handled by that particular employer.

If an employer’s policies are unclear or out of date, they may run the risk of losing good employees or even facing legal claims based on the discriminatory or unjust processes they allegedly have in place. The legal staff and attorneys of Mitchell Pollack & Associates are available in the New Year for employers who wish to review their human resource policies and want to establish fair and enforceable employment procedures.