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Fighting for your employment law rights in the workplace

| Feb 9, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

When individuals in New York and elsewhere are hired for a position, they tend to be focused on this new role and what it entails and tend to lose focus on their rights as an employee. Nonetheless, these rights not only exist, but can also be relied upon when employment law issues occur and even if the employee is terminated.

Without a doubt, it can be difficult to understand what rights one has and when they apply. Therefore, it is imperative to get a second opinion when you believe that an employer has violated your employment rights. The attorneys at Mitchell Pollack & Associates, PLLC, have the experience to assist employees in the Terrytown area understand their rights and explore their options.

Our law firm can quickly understand both sides of an employment dispute; thus, we are equipped with the knowledge to pursue these actions and the solutions that will meet the best interests of our clients. Whether you believe you are a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination or believe you have a contract dispute, whistleblower claim or wage and hour claim, our law firm has the skills and knowledge necessary to address any of these employment law issues.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s website on employment law for employees. We believe that workers, no matter what industry they work in, deserve protection and deserve to be treated fairly in the work environment. If you believe that you have an employment law issue, it is important to gain access to a law firm that will be on your side from beginning to end.