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Time’s Up initiative to combat sexual harassment in advertising

| Mar 23, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Whether New Yorkers were just hired for a job or have been at the same position for years, it is important for employees to understand their rights in the workplace. And, even when one is fully aware of these rights, this does not always mean they will be upheld. Maybe it is a co-worker, supervisor or boss. No matter who it is, mistreatment, harassment and discrimination in the workplace is not only uncomfortable, but is also illegal.

In order to stand up against sexual harassment in the workplace, “Time’s Up” recently announced its initiative to combat sexual harassment in the advertising industry. Since this organization began, this is the first industry specific effort, and more than 1,000 prominent women in the entertainment fields launched it.

The goal of this campaign is to drive new policies, practices, decisions and action, resulting in a more balanced, diverse and accountable leadership in the industry. It also seeks to address workplace discrimination, harassment and abuse. Finally, it hopes to create an equitable and safe culture in the advertising industry.

This initiative has plans to raise money as a legal defense fund. This will be used to provide subsidized legal services for individuals that have fallen victim of harassment or abuse in the workplace. As of now, this fund has grown to more than $21 million.

While campaigns and initiatives are excellent ways to create a voice and be heard on specific topics, this does not prevent these events from happening. When an employee has fallen victim to workplace harassment, discrimination or abuse, it is important that they understand they have options and rights. This could mean filing a legal action to no only hold an employer accountable but also recover damages suffered.

Source: KITV, “Time’s Up teams up with the advertising industry to combat harassment,” Chloe Melas, March 12, 2018