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Nearly 20 workplace discrimination claims against Fox settled

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

A workplace can be many things to an employee in New York and elsewhere. It can be enjoyable, a safe haven, exciting and even a dream come true. A job is a positive in our lives; however, for some employees, it can be filled with negative events and encounters. Not everyone is treated fairly and appropriately. But, employees have the ability to stand up and take action against this mistreatment.

According to recent reports, 21st Century Fox has settled nearly 20 workplace discrimination claims over the past few years. These lawsuits involved racial and gender discrimination lawsuits with 18 of Fox’s current and former employees. The settlements that were reached in these claims totaled to around $10 million.

Some of the recent cases are well-known, as they have made headlines in the media. One involved a class action race discrimination claim involving Fox news anchor Kelly Wright and other employees in the accounting department. Other claims include allegations of race, gender and pregnancy discrimination. Reports indicate that Fox News has denied all of the allegations against them.

Under the settlements reached between these employees and Fox, it is stipulated that employees must drop their claims. They must also leave the network if they have not done so already and agree to never attempt to seek employment with Fox or any of its affiliates.

Dealing with matters of workplace discrimination can be emotional and challenging. These incidents involve a person’s livelihood, often making it hard to take a stance and file an action. However, employees should take the time to understand their rights and how best to address this and other employment issues.