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How do you qualify for unemployment benefits in New York?

| Jun 22, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Whether you have worked for an employer for a few months or several years, the goal of an employee is to remain employed. Unfortunately, situations out of an employee’s control occur. Whether it is downsizing or a change in management, some employees are let go. This can be financially devastating for some employees, causing some to seek unemployment benefits.

In order to qualify for unemployment benefits in New York, an individual must have worked and was paid wages for work in at least two calendar quarters. Those filed this year must have been paid at least $2,200 in one of the calendar quarters in his or her base period. Additionally, the total wages paid to an applicant in his or her base period must be one and one-half times their high quarter wages. Finally, no more than $9,570 of ones high quarter earnings are used to determine if he or she qualifies. That means they must have earned at least $4,785 in other base period quarters.

If an individuals has worked in the state of New York for the last 18 months, has enough employment to establish a claim, lost employment though no fault of his or her own, are ready, willing and able to work and are actively seeking employment, then a claim can be filed. Reasons for seeking unemployment benefits include losing a job due to lack of work, the end of a temporary or seasonal employment, job was eliminated, an involuntary reduction, company downsized or shut down, company was restructured, lack of company operating funds and other reasons out of the control of the employee.

Filing for unemployment benefits is a right afforded to those employees that qualify for them. However, denials can occur, making it important to establish why a denial occurred and what steps can be taken to prove eligibility so these benefits can be recovered.