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Class action pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart

| Aug 8, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Employees in New York and elsewhere have certain expectations in the workplace. For the most part, this entails the laws that protect employees in any workplace. This typically includes the freedom of being discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. When incidents of these acts occur, employees have legal steps they can take to protect themselves. This could mean holding an employer accountable and even seeking damages for losses suffered.

According to recent reports, two New York women filed a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart for pregnancy discrimination. Apparently, when these women requested time off from work so that they could seek medical attention for pregnancy-related illnesses, they were faced with a difficult question by their employer: Do you choose your baby or your job?

Both women chose their babies, and they both chose to assert their rights after their employer clearly violated New Yorks’ Pregnant Worker Fairness act, which was enacted in 2016. This law requires an employer to make reasonable accommodations for medical needs related to pregnancy. Unless these accommodations would cause undue hardship, they must be provided. This can include providing time off or an altered schedule as a means to attend medical visits.

Being a victim of discrimination in the workplace is a difficult situation to be in. An employee might be fearful to speak up, as their job could be on the line. Nonetheless, it is not only important to stand up against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, but it is also vital to become informed. This helps employees understand their rights and take any necessary steps to protect themselves.