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Former law clerk claims sexual harassment and other violations

| Aug 23, 2018 | Employment Law for Employers |

In today’s climate, employers are understandably fearful of being accused of various violations of employment law. For any entity in New York, public or private, being confronted with allegations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination and any other employment-related circumstance can cause short and long-term problems, diminish reputations, and cost substantial amounts of money. Having a legal defense that is experienced with these matters can make the difference in any case.

A lawyer who was working as a law clerk at the New York State Supreme Court has accused an acting Supreme Court justice of sexually harassing her. She has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for it. In the claim, she says that her complaints about the treatment were ignored by officials and she was retaliated against for complaining. She says that she made a complaint in the fall of 2017 and nothing was done.

She says that the harassment started right after she began working for the judge. According to her, he told her about sexual relationships he had had and other stories she believed were inappropriate. He made comments about a possible relationship between them, asked her on lunch dates, and compelled her to walk him to his vehicle after the workday was over. He also asked her to remove her work jacket and stand closer to him, after which he became angry when she declined. She asserts she was demoted and fired when she refused his advances.

Employers are constantly confronted with accusations that employees who were demoted or dismissed were mistreated. Of course, in some cases, the allegations are accurate. In others, however, there could be a disagreement as to how the situation went and what happened. Being accused of these acts can have a negative impact on any person’s life and business. A law firm that is experienced in helping employers who are facing allegations of sexual harassment and other violations can help with a defense. Calling a firm that specializes in employment law for employers is the first step toward crafting that defense.