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Woman says employee rights were violated by music company

| Sep 28, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Even in today’s climate of employers being held accountable for alleged misogyny and misbehavior toward employees in New York and across the nation, there continue to be allegations of workers and work cultures that place people in a situation where they are either harassed or treated differently because of gender-related issues. That can include illegal workplace discrimination based on pay or it can be related to other factors. Fortunately, those who are confronted with these problems at work can seek help from a law firm that specializes in helping employees be compensated.

A woman who worked as a sales executive at Spotify has filed a lawsuit claiming that the company engaged in activities that were hostile to women. She says that there was sexism and men were better compensated and receive better assignments than women. There were also outings in which they went to strip clubs and to Atlantic City. According to her complaint, the head of U.S. sales organized networking trips to be paid for by the company – one to the Sundance Film Festival in consecutive years. They were specifically referred to as “boys’ trips.”

On these trips, she says, drugs were consumed and one worker even got into a physical altercation. A second executive joined male managers as they went on the trips to strip clubs and to Atlantic City. She says that executive openly stated that the company was uninterested in diversity. She says she was fired for company violations when she was held responsible for an executive taking free tickets to a concert. She seeks to be compensated for equal pay law violations and for gender discrimination.

Although greater attention is being paid to how women are treated at work, there are still regular incidents that show how the corporate world can be a difficult if not impossible place for them to navigate. Being mistreated can include a variety of behaviors. Whether it is wrongful termination, sexual harassment, a failure to pay women the same as men and other problems, employees who have been subject to legal violations have rights. Discussing a case with a law firm that specializes in employment law for employees can help with taking the necessary steps to file a case.