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Illegal workplace discrimination claimed in class action filing

| Nov 29, 2018 | Employment Law for Employees |

Worker rights are prominent in the news in New York and across the nation. With the growing number of people who have different lifestyles and are seeking to be treated in an aboveboard manner without illegal workplace discrimination hindering their employment and chances for advancement, it would be expected that companies will express greater vigilance in preventing employment violations. However, it is still happening and much of it is based on issues such as pregnancy which seemed to have been settled long ago. Whether the person or persons who are mistreated are employed by a large or small company, they must remember they have rights and a legal filing is possible to receive compensation.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Avon. According to two former employees, the company discriminated against them because of their pregnancies and that they needed to take part in activities while on the job to account for their new motherhood. In the filing, Avon is accused of failing to live up to its self-created reputation as focusing on the interests of women and that this tactic is meant to induce women to buy their products even though they do not practice what they preach.

One of the women began working for the company last January. She said she was told of performance issues one day after she informed the company she was pregnant. She asked to work from home due to a high-risk pregnancy but it was denied. She went to work and was dismissed. The other worker clams she was subject to a hostile and unsafe working environment because of her own pregnancy. She worked in microbiology and was concerned about the exposure to chemicals. She asked not to do certain tasks, was transferred to a job for which she was not qualified and was dismissed. Another worker in that same lab claims she was harassed for her pregnancy.

It is unfortunate that these issues continue to arise in workplaces in New York and across the nation. Those who are mistreated and believe their employment status and treatment as employees is negatively impacted do have legal recourse. Speaking to a law firm that has experience in employment law for employees is invaluable. No one needs to accept wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and any other type of abuse. Calling for legal help can put a stop to it and assist in receiving compensation.