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Woman claims illegal workplace discrimination cost her job

| Feb 28, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

Despite the attention paid to workplace issues today, New Yorkers and people across the nation continue to be confronted with various violations of the law while at work. That includes civil rights violations, wrongful termination, and illegal workplace discrimination, amongst others. Those who are facing these issues might think they have limited options to seek justice. However, they can pursue compensation by taking legal action with help from a lawyer who is experienced in handling workplace issues from the perspective of both employers and employees.

A woman who was employed at an Upstate New York casino is utilizing legal assistance after being terminated from her job. She asserts that she was harassed based on her religion and subjected to wrongful termination after she complained. The 57-year-old woman, a black Muslim, states that her supervisor was harassing her due to her religion. She worked as a housekeeper and started in June 2017. She had been there a year before she received a transfer. When she arrived, her new boss made comments that she deemed discriminatory about her religious garb. He also ridiculed her prayer practices to other workers. The man allegedly yelled at her about her religion when she requested time off to dine with her family during a Muslim holiday.

The woman claims she complained to a separate manager about the treatment, but when the supervisor was confronted, he denied the allegations. She then went to still another manager who was above the head of the manager to whom she initially complained. She asked to be given another supervisor. The manager first okayed the change, but then decided against it. The manager said the supervisor was being investigated and waiting was the best course of action for her. She spoke to a casino attorney and then filed a complaint. After that, the supervisor allegedly treated her worse. A month later, the two got into a dispute. They gave their sides of the story to a human resources worker who fired the woman.

No worker is required to accept illegal workplace discrimination and mistreatment due to their religious beliefs. Despite these issues getting greater attention in the media and people feeling the freedom to speak up, it is still happening with a worrisome frequency. For anyone who is facing discrimination, wrongful termination, or any other issue at work that is causing them a problem, a law firm that understands employment law for employees can help with taking legal action in an attempt to remedy the situation.