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Former Amazon warehouse employee claims wrongful termination

| Mar 28, 2019 | Employment Law for Employers |

New York employers large and small can be accused of wrongdoing by disgruntled workers. This can spark allegations that wrongful termination and other violations of employment law took place. Because there are so many companies that function not just in one location, but have employees across the country, some of the larger companies can be accused of committing illegal acts with employees based simply on policies that are in place for everyone and emanate from the corporate headquarters. Although it is not a popular sentiment in the era of workers being granted improved rights, employers have rights too. When there is a lawsuit against a company, they must have a strong defense from a law firm that understands their perspective.

A warehouse worker who was dismissed by Amazon for workplace violations has filed a lawsuit against the company. The man states his firing was against the law. He asserts the dismissal was due to him complaining about the facility’s working conditions. The company was already being criticized for its resistance to workers unionizing.

The man who was dismissed began working at the warehouse in October 2018. He complained about the long working hours and health and safety issues. He had spoken at a New York rally about these concerns. The dismissal happened in February when he had retrieved a product that fell from a robot. He put it back on the machine in a location where workers are prohibited. This was said to be a violation of workplace safety protocol and he was dismissed. The company denies wrongdoing.

With the increase in people who are coming forward with various complaints about mistreatment in the workplace, it has become commonplace that the employer is automatically perceived as being in the wrong. However, that is not always the case. If there are rules in place with employee handbooks and the employees are aware of them and if employers are treating their workers fairly under the law, they have the right to defend themselves when they are alleged to have violated employment law. This can encompass many areas of the law from dismissals, discipline, wages and more. A law firm that has handled cases of employment law for employers should be consulted with by employers large and small to defend against claims of legal violations and lawsuits.