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Employers need experienced legal help for employment law disputes

| May 17, 2019 | Employment Law for Employers |

Throughout New York, employees are feeling more comfortable with lodging complaints about various forms of workplace mistreatment and allegations of wrongdoing. Of course, no employer wants workers to feel as if they are being treated unfairly or subjected to employment law violations. Whether the case is being taken before a panel to investigate it or it is heading to court, the employer will generally be portrayed as the entity in the wrong. However, that is not always the accurate portrait. It is possible that the employee is making claims that are inaccurate or taken out of context. They might be flat out wrong. With that, employers must have a law firm on their side that understands employer defense.

There is a seemingly endless list of reasons why an employer could feel as if he or she was subjected to illegality in the workplace. With the “me too” movement on social media, employees are emboldened to complain about alleged sexual harassment. While sexual harassment is inappropriate and unnecessary, it is not automatic that an employer, supervisor, coworker or customer behaved in a way that meets the threshold to be considered actionable in context. Having legal advice to defend against the claim is critical.

Discrimination can come about for a variety of reasons including age, disability, national origin, sex and more. An employee could perceive disciplinary procedures, the allocating of duties, a lack of promotions, wage issues and dismissals as having to do with discrimination when it was simply a matter of performance that were clearly laid out in the employee handbooks. Employers who have a viable defense can still lose a case if they do not have help from a law firm that is skillful at formulating a strong strategy for the case.

Regardless of why the claim of employment law violations came about, employers who are concerned about their reputation and defending against these allegations should remember the importance of having legal help experienced in employment law for employers. Before anything else, when there are claims of wrongdoing in the workplace, calling for a consultation with a quality attorney is essential.