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In-house counsel claims employee rights were violated

| May 9, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

Regardless of the newfound attention and attempts to stop sexual harassment from taking place in New York workplaces, it continues to happen in a variety of ways and to people in many kinds of jobs. From the corporate world to workaday people living paycheck to paycheck, sexual harassment happens often. More people are willing to speak up about it and demand their civil rights through employment claims, but that does not end the treatment completely. For those who are willing to complain about it, the situation is often made worse when it is dismissed or downplayed by the employer. In these circumstances, having legal advice from a law firm that helps clients seek compensation for sexual harassment is needed.

The litigation counsel and vice-president at a fashion conglomerate in New York has alleged that she was confronted by sexual harassment over a three-year period. According to her, the company ignored her complaints and reduced them to aspects of “French culture.” The female counsel states that she was told to tolerate it because it is how people behave in France and the company has its roots in that country. She says that the alleged harasser – who was a senior employee – stared at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. He also lunged toward her and pushed his private areas toward her face.

In addition, she says he attempted to kiss her by way of greeting or to celebrate. A director passed that too off as French-style behavior. She says she complained multiple times while the behavior was taking place. Eventually, in 2018, she made an official complaint. Internal and external investigations took place. They stated they did not discover any wrongdoing. The woman claims that the investigation was not conducted as it should have been. There is also a dispute as to whom was doing the harassing as the woman says it was a member of senior management and the company says the person who was investigated was on a lower level.

Sexual harassment can range from making unwanted propositions, showing offensive images, making untoward statements or aggressively pursuing a relationship. There are many ways for a person to be harassed. Calling a law firm experienced in employment law for employees can provide representation when seeking compensation for sexual harassment in the workplace.