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Lawsuit filed for illegal workplace discrimination over sexuality

| Jun 13, 2019 | Employment Law for Employees |

In New York and across the nation, people are granted greater freedom to express themselves without hiding their sexual preferences for fear of a negative impact in the workplace. It has become easier to maintain a job or to gain employment regardless of their sexual orientation. Still, the problem of illegal workplace discrimination over a person’s sexuality has not gone away. It still happens and employment claims are filed to seek justice for violations of their civil rights. With any form of workplace discrimination, discussing the case with a lawyer can yield information on how to proceed.

A man who worked at Goldman Sachs as an executive was dismissed after filing complaints that he was subjected to harassment because he is homosexual. He has filed a lawsuit against the company. He alleges they told him he sounded “too gay.” They also asked him if he needed a day off from work because he was hungover after taking part in the LGBT Pride parade. He had good reviews for his performance. One positive review came from a manager who was harassing him. The man had started at the company in 2010. He rapidly rose through the ranks and was promoted to vice president by the time he was 27.

His team handled a portfolio worth $13 billion. However, he says he was still subjected to homophobic comments. He asserts that he was excluded from a 2014 conference call because of his manner of speaking. In 2015, he was off work the day after the Pride parade and the comment about him being hungover was made. This was after he had already informed his supervisor he would be out that day. During a 2016 work disagreement, another incident involved his supervisor asking him if his behavior was due to him being gay. He complained in May 2018, but those involved denied the allegations. He was dismissed later that year due to what they said was poor performance despite his glowing reviews.

People were once forced to hide their sexual orientation because they were fearful as to how it would be perceived at work if they were homosexual. Today, that is supposed to be less of a problem with companies being more invested in inclusion. Unfortunately, it still happens and those who are mistreated in any way, are denied advancement, or are dismissed outright must remember their rights and call a law firm that helps those with cases related to employment law for employees.