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As an employee, do you have concerns about the HR department?

| Jul 24, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Most companies have a human resources department. It is not unusual for individuals who work in HR to become the butt of jokes or a disliked character on sitcoms that involve workplace settings. However, you and many others may have a real-life dislike of the HR department.

If you face an issue at work, such as discrimination or harassment, it is likely your first step was to report the wrongdoing to your supervisor or the human resources department. Of course, as an employee, you may feel hesitant to even file a complaint because you believe that HR is not on your side.

Who does HR work for?

The HR department has a number of roles in a company. The employees who work in that department have the responsibility of handling employee complaints but also of providing administrative services and other duties to the company as a whole. As a result, you and may other employees may believe that those who work in HR only look out for the company’s best interests.

Of course, HR does have an important role in the company, and it may not be fair to consider every HR department as bad. Still, some HR employees may not conduct their duties well.

Common complaints about HR

As mentioned, many workers believe that HR only wants to uphold the interests of the company and management. However, employees also have other complaints about the department:

  • Dishonesty: Some workers believe that HR employees are dishonest, and even if a complaint is filed, the HR department will claim it was never received.
  • Office politics: It is also common for workers to feel like the HR department only wants to gain the favor of higher-ups and, as a result, do not feel inclined to help those in lower positions.
  • Incompetency: You and others may simply feel that the individuals who work in HR do not know how to perform their jobs well.
  • Unfairness: Some people may also feel that HR employees do not remain objective when it comes to handling complaints. The belief exists that HR workers care more about keeping their jobs than acknowledging that another employee may have a valid complaint.

Again, these issues do not affect every human resources department, but it is also possible that issues could arise if you try to file a complaint.

Improperly handling a complaint

If you do file a complaint with HR that goes uninvestigated or otherwise handled inappropriately, you may wonder what to do next. Fortunately, your pursuit of justice does not have to end there. You can work with a New York attorney to determine your next steps in addressing wrongful behaviors in the workplace.