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Using empathy to strengthen your human resources department

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Employment Law for Employers |

When you are developing your team of human resource professionals, it is imperative that you select candidates who demonstrate an understanding of interpersonal communication and how to effectively work with people in many situations including those where conflict management is required. When your HR department is committed to advocating for your employees while still maintaining loyalty to your organization, you can develop a unique environment that is inclusive, safe and productive. 

The professionals you hire for human resource responsibilities should understand how to validate the concerns of your employees without compromising the integrity, reputation or strategies of your company. Whether the employees who are seeking help from your human resource department are disgruntled or simply have a question to be answered if they feel as though they were heard and that their thoughts were validated, they are much more likely to continue providing your organization with their highest quality work. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, one quality you can teach to your human resource department is empathy. Developing a group of individuals who are empathetic can be supported if you create a place for your employees to discuss private concerns with your HR department where there are no distractions. Your human resources professionals should be forthright in sharing difficult information, but simultaneously be able to do it compassionately. They should listen intently to employee concerns and provide potential solutions to issues that may arise. 

Your HR department’s ability to respond with empathy to the needs of your employees may be able to diffuse tension and misunderstanding before it threatens the productivity of your organization. Providing training that encourages your HR professionals to develop people skills can help them to have the confidence to respond with compassion and professionalism to any situation. For more information about preventing employment disputes, visit our web page.