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Explosive race discrimination suit by execs rocks McDonald’s

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Employee Rights |

Those who live in New York may want to be aware of a recent article. It mentions a suit by two African American female executives who claim racist and sexist remarks were thrown at them when the leadership of McDonald’s changed. They also said that the company purposely separated itself from the Black community.

According to the ChicagoDefender, when these women mentioned their treatment, they were put in lower positions. On the other hand, the people who insulted them received coveted promotions.

In 2015, corporate leadership switched, and progressive programs stopped, they claim. New leadership in the company instituted systemic racism and discrimination. Civil rights abuses were not only taken against the two of them but against other Black executives. According to the suit, they were called “angry Black women” as well as racist, sexist and demeaning terms by their employer, the CEO and the CFO.

After recently leaving the company, one of the two women still finds the quick change in attitude and values of McDonald’s, after half a century of progress, heartbreaking. She had joined the company in 2011, attracted by McDonald’s reputation for thoroughly accepting and welcoming its Black team members.

Employee discrimination can have many faces. Age, race, sexual orientation, gender and disability can all be avenues for those who work for companies. Executives, such as in the case above, as well as other workers can all be subjected to a form of discrimination. When this issue is suspected, one might consult an attorney who is versed in employment law for employees. This type of lawyer can handle discrimination as well as wrongful termination or retaliation for speaking up.